Hey Mama!
This is where the journey starts.
Before you start writing your Chapter 1 it would be great if you could take a few moments to answer the questionnaire below so I can catch up on your introduction.
I will be in touch as soon as possible and I am really looking forward to supporting you to #raiseyourwoman

Love Johanna x
In a few lines please tell me why you feel you'd like the support of a coach.

In order to benefit the most from my coaching packages I ask clients to do homework between our coaching calls. Are you sure you are ready to invest time in yourself and #raiseyourwoman ?

Are you feeling lost in motherhood? (0 not lost at all - 10 very lost)

Does life feel very unbalanced right now? (0 balanced - 10 very unbalanced)

If you already have a business please tell me a bit more about it below and share your website and social media links so I çan see your wonderful work.

If you had one wish what would that be right now?

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